08 6 / 2012

Pentatonix: The Dog Days are Over (by LOTR4ever1)

Jo, have you heard this?

I’m not a proper Florence & the Machine fan yet, so I wasn’t familiar with this particular song, and even having listened to it a number of times I can’t decide if I like it.

However, there is something extraordinary about this particular version. Not just because it’s a brilliant performance, but because at certain key points, namely :56, 1:05, 1:52 and 2:00 in this particular video, I get rippling chills up the backs of my legs and spine. Something about those notes, or those harmonies, does that to me every single time.

The Rescues’ cover of “Teenage Dream” has a similar effect on me as well. And again, it’s not because I love the song - though it is a great arrangement.

A mild case of musical-tactile synesthesia? I dunno.